Concrete Sand, Mason Sand and Beyond...

Sand is widely used throughout the construction industry. Each type has unique properties that make it ideal for various types of applications. 

Some of the most predominant types of sand are concrete sand and mason sand:

Concrete sand is one of the main ingredients in cement, asphalt, and mortar. In addition, many contractors use concrete sand as a base layer for pavers, patios, walkways, and as backfill and pipe bedding. It is also used to mix with topsoil or mulch to create a variety of bio soils and a top-dressing material for lawns and golf courses.

Mason Sand, on the other hand, is much finer and more uniform than concrete sand. So naturally, it's the preferred choice for pavers and stonework. In addition, it provides an excellent cost-effective alternative to beach sand for volleyball courts, playgrounds, pools, and sandboxes due to its soft feel and attractive appearance. 

The newest sand on the block is "Thermal Sand," used to install underground cables and improve their performance. Our custom manufactured Thermal Sand is PEPCO Approved, meeting all the physical and mechanical requirements to reduce resistive losses better than other backfill materials. Need help figuring out which sand will work best for your next project or how much you need? 

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