This year we've had a significant amount of rainfall and with that mud. Every year winter and early spring, heavy rain fall mixed with freezing and thawing temperatures can cause havoc with the creation of mud in areas of high traffic. Not only is this unsightly but deep mud can also cause safety and liability concerns so it’s best it fix the problem before the mud becomes too much to handle.One of the best ways to fix muddy areas is to put down large clean crushed rock and then top that with something more suitable for your cause such as driving, walking, pushing a wheel barrow, etc. 

To determine what size of clean crushed rock you need, begin by assessing how deep your mud actually is. In most cases, we recommend first selecting a larger crushed rock to create a solid base. For example if you have 4”+ of mud and you begin with a 3/4" (#57) Stone, it will most likely sink and disappear. As such, it would take an outrageous amount of rock for it to reach the top of the mud, if it ever does. Therefore, we suggest first laying down a 1 1/2" - 2 1/2” (#2/#3) Stone that is large enough to stack up and rise above the mud.To top this larger crushed rock we recommend then using 3/4" (#57) Stone to fill the void around the larger stones and create a relatively stable un-paved surface which will hold up well in areas of high traffic. You may use a minus rock, such as CR6, which is popular for driveways. It has fines in it that get between the bigger rock and help it to pack down.

Here’s an example from a project we just finished up in Arlington, VA. Got mud? Our experts are here to help! Call us today at (301) 814-8600